Monday, March 25, 2013

Fundraising Idea Redux (2013)

This idea is so good I had to re-post it.


It's simple.

It costs little-to-nothing to host (as long as you already have the right pieces).

So, here's the idea...

Viewing Parties + Indoor Training

I like to watch...
You know someone with a spacious family room or garage. Or, you know a bike shop with TVs. Or a coffee shop. The "where" doesn't really matter.

Host viewing parties for Flanders (March 1) and Paris-Roubaix (April 7).

All you need is a place to set up trainers, a large tv, and loud sound. (You need to compensate for the spinning, grunting, and trash talking).

Charge a small fee to participate ($15-$20). Proceeds to your favorite charity.

Don't need much more than a place to gather, watch, and sweat.

Just think of the possibilities!

  • You could bake and sell cobble cakes.
  • You could sell themed coffee.
  • You could treat the training like a drinking game. (You know, every time they hit a cobbled section, you sprint. Every time there is a crash, you jump off the bike and do burpees. Really, the workout script writes itself.)

An alternative is to simply have a BYOBreakfast viewing party, but that's so...NFL!

It's easy, it's fun, and it's for a good cause.

Share and enjoy!