Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Alex Bogusky
I was reading Fast Company the other morning, picking through the features, and I was grabbed by "Alex Bogusky Tells All: He Left the World's Hottest Agency to Find His Soul", by Danielle Sacks.

It was fascinating for a number of reasons, most not relevant here. In short, the titular figure is an adman of rare renown. In the middle of much success, he dropped out of his role to pursue...something. (You need to read the article to find out more.)

Near the end of the profile is the following set of quotations (emphasis is mine):

"I don't think we're good at being selfish," Bogusky had mused to me on one of those idyllic Boulder mornings. "Most of humanity, we're total rookies at being selfish and being narcissists. Because if you're really good at narcissism, you get to the point where that rookie kind of selfish doesn't even exist. A really excellent narcissist would be a really powerful tool for saving the planet. If everyone was a perfect narcissist, there would be nothing to worry about because we'd automatically fix everything and our purchases would be so benign. It's not self-absorbed, it's just knowing what's good for self. Let's say that steaks, scotch, and lots of cigars are what you put in your body -- that's a rookie-narcissistic move. That's where we're uneducated narcissists. But as we perfect our narcissism, it comes around where you're actually doing things that feel like sharing, that feel like connected behavior."

I told my friend this theory, and he said, 'You may be the most narcissistic person I know. It used to piss me off, and now I've come to be okay with it.' "

Does this sound like anyone?

Inadvertent though it may be, it perfectly describes and explains Lance Armstrong. But, does it damn him?

I plan to explore that question in a coming post: Lance Revisited.

Where Have You Been?

I know, I have not posted in almost two weeks.

Since Pelotonia, I have spent my time recovering--emotionally and physically. I've spent quality time with BCB and the LAs, and I have several drafts of posts that are to come, including:
  • Real Men Wear Pink
  • Saddle Sore
  • Pelotonia 10 Ride Report (Day 1)
  • Pelotonia 10 Ride Report (Day 2)
  • Life as a Symbol
  • Lance Revisited

Those are working titles. They are teasers. They are coming soon, as well as a non-cycling post entitled: "Off Topic: Thanking The Charlatans".

Stay tuned!

Friday, September 3, 2010

2010 Cyclocross Season Schedule

With help, I have compiled a list of cyclocross races in the Mid-Atlantic region, with particular care paid to Maryland. There are two regional, season-long competitions:
There are few other races, too. If I missed anything, please let me know!

Sat 9/11 Nittany Cross MAC #1 Trexlertown, PA
Sat 9/18 Charm City MAC #2 Baltimore, MD
Sun 9/19 Charm City MAC #3 Baltimore, MD
Sun 9/26 Ed Sanders Memorial MABRA #1 Adamstown, MD
Sun 9/26 Whirlybird Cyclocross MAC #4 Bryn Athyn, PA
Sat 10/2 Breast Cancer Awareness
Cyclocross Challenge
MABRA #2 Cascade, MD
Sat 10/3 Winchester Apple
Harvest Cross
MABRA #3 Winchester, VA
Sat 10/10 Hyattsville CX MABRA #4 Hyattsville, MD
Sat 10/16 Granogue Cross (Day 1) MAC #5 Granogue, DE
Sun 10/17 Granogue Cross (Day 2) MAC #6 Granogue, DE
Sun 10/24 DCCX MABRA #5 Washington, DC
Sat 10/30 All Hallows Cross MABRA #6 Hughesville, MD
Sat 10/30 Beacon Cyclocross MAC#7 Bridgeton, NJ
Sun 10/31 ABRT CX N/A Severna Park, MD
Sat 11/6 Fair Hill MAC #9 Fair Hill, DE
Sun 11/7 Tacchino Ciclocross MABRA #7 Upper Marlboro, MD
Sun 11/14 UrbanCross at Ix MABRA #8 Charlotsville, VA
Sat 11/20 HoCo2xCx:
Schooley Mill Cross
MABRA #9 Highland, MD
Sat 11/20 Super Cross Cup Day 1 MAC #10 Southampton, NY
Sun 11/21 HoCo2xCx:
Rockburn Cross
MABRA #10 Elkridge, MD
Sun 11/21 Super Cross Cup Day 2 MAC #11 Southampton, NY
Sun 11/28 Turkey Chase
MABRAcross Championships
Sun 12/8 -
US Nationals National
Bend, OR

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