Thursday, November 3, 2011




Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Want to Run

It's the end of the workday. I had no time to work out this morning. Lunch was at my desk.

It's a transitional evening. Breezy, but not cold. Refreshing. A reminder of the autumn's temperamental character. It's a lovely time.

I want to run.

I haven't felt this...ever. I'm an accidental runner, and it's cost me. I'm still in this damned boot. My spirit is diminished, my fire has waned. But there's hope.

I'm not angry. I'm not frustrated. I'm...wistful. I've a longing that's not accompanied by sadness. I've a desire that's not fraught. No tension here. I simply want to run.

I know this want will pass. Just as I know my inability will some day (soon, I hope) become a necessity.

I simply want to earn the breeze I feel on my face as I glide across the land, rhythmically distancing myself from whatever it is I leave behind. I look forward to the moment of the moment, when the past and the future aren't...when the present is all that matters.

It may be months before I feel what I feel again. It's rare.

And I knew I needed to capture a reminder of the good times that are in front of me.

Even though they are months away.